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Polanik IAAF Certified Hammer: 

Unleash your full throwing potential with the Polanik Competition IAAF Certified Hammer – a world-renowned symbol of quality, precision, and outstanding value. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hammer is a testament to Polanik's commitment to excellence in track and field equipment.

Key Features:

  • IAAF Certified: The Polanik Competition Hammer proudly bears the IAAF certification, ensuring it meets the stringent standards set by the International Association of Athletics Federations for competitive use.

  • Steel Head with Turned Surface: The steel head, turned on the entire surface,  allowing throwers to execute precise turns with confidence.

  • Accurately Situated Center of Gravity: The center of gravity is meticulously placed for optimal balance, contributing to the hammer's stability and the thrower's ability to achieve consistent results.

  • Special Lead and Fine Shot Filling: Filled with a special mixture of lead and fine shot, the Polanik Hammer delivers the weight and distribution required for powerful and controlled throws.

  • High-Quality Hammer Swivel: The hammer swivel is constructed from hardened galvanized steel, polished, and covered, ensuring durability and smooth, efficient rotations.

  • Complete Set with Handle and Wire: The Polanik Hammer comes as a comprehensive set, including a handle and wire, providing throwers with everything they need for a seamless and effective throwing experience.

  • Separate Tube for Wires: Wires are shipped in a separate tube, emphasizing 4Throws dedication to secure and convenient packaging, ensuring that each component reaches you in pristine condition.

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